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My name is Bobbi, founder of Tarawood. I have spent my life as an animal lover. I grew up showing horses throughout New England, and have always had a German Shepherd or two with me at all times. Shepherds have always been a huge part of my home and family life as loyal companions and protectors. As I ventured out on my own, my love for the breed flourished. I have now spent over twenty years raising what I believe are the perfect German Shepherds for any family.
At Tarawood, I have spent countless hours researching and carefully selecting dogs with great minds, strong structure, super temperaments, and the true German Shepherd look from top European blood lines. I take pride in breeding happy, healthy pups which are raised in a clean, comfortable environment. With the help of my family, my pups grow up with ample amounts of love, socialization, and attention. As a result, I offer top of the line German Shepherd puppies to welcome into your home as loyal, protective companions that will be perfect new additions to your family.
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